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Sunflowers, Paul Gauguin - description of the painting

Sunflowers, Paul Gauguin - description of the painting

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Sunflowers - Paul Gauguin. 73 x 92 cm

The magnificent "Sunflowers" were written at the sunset of Paul Gauguin's life path. Thanks to his talented hand, portrait, landscape, still life began to play with new colors. However, looking at this picture, it seems that the tired Gauguin is again returning to where he started from - the still life is very reminiscent of the traditional one. Unless the head of the native, distracting attention from the spreading heads of flowers, makes the work unusual.

Sunflowers, as a plot, invariably attracted almost all impressionists - the bright, sunny flowers depicted on the canvas were left by Monet, Van Gogh. Sunflowers in the life of Gauguin also played an important role.

Even in his early youth, “a scattering of sunflowers” ​​was created by Van Gogh specifically to decorate the room of a newly acquired friend. Two talented painters, Gauguin and Van Gogh, dreamed that they would create a new commune of free artists, which would become a haven for young talents. But the friendship did not work out, leaving only the canvas of Gauguin’s brush, which depicts Van Gogh himself, who writes sunflowers for a former friend.

At the end of life, sunflowers reappear on the master’s canvas. But these are no longer bright joyful flowers, rather, on the contrary, rare petals sticking out in different directions on lowered heads, which give the impression of endless fatigue and fray. As an allegory of the state of mind of the artist, whose end of life was especially difficult and hopeless.

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