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Flowers and cats, Paul Gauguin - description of the painting

Flowers and cats, Paul Gauguin - description of the painting

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Flowers and Cats - Paul Gauguin. 92 x 71 cm

Still life “Flowers and Cats” was painted by Gauguin in 1899, at the sunset of the life of the great painter.

This period of creativity is called the second Tahitian. At this time, Gauguin wrote a lot of nature - girls with golden bodies in the bosom of an exotic nature, as well as deeply philosophical works. The appearance of such a peaceful plot as “Flowers and Cats” is knocked out of the general series of works.

The canvas depicts a huge vase with outlandish bright colors, around which sleeping cats sit. As you can see, the painter is not worried about the violation of proportions - cats look very small against the backdrop of a huge vase, however, Gauguin builds the composition according to his own principles.

The master emphasizes the most important thing, the artist brings objects to the forefront by depersonalizing the background, which is represented by two wide stripes of blue and red.

Despite the enormous material difficulties, illnesses, depressed state and the desire to paint pictures that are difficult in composition and interpretation, Gauguin finds time to create such lovely still lifes that breathe calmness, tranquility, shine with bright colors.

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