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Battle of Trafalgar, William Turner

Battle of Trafalgar, William Turner

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Battle of Trafalgar - William Turner. 172.7 x 238.8 cm

Any Englishman without a hitch will say that one of the most magnificent naval battles is the battle at Cape Trafalgar. It was the outcome of this battle that led Britain to become proudly called the "mistress of the seas."

It is not surprising that William Turner, as a patriot of his country, turned to this plot, and the artist immediately determined for himself that the canvas will be special. Never before had he created such large paintings - more than a meter and a half in height and almost 2.5 meters in length.

In this fierce battle, the opposing forces of France and Spain lost more than 20 ships, and England, in turn, not a single one. The main loss was the death of the vice admiral of the English troops Horatio Nelson. He fell in this close dramatic battle on the deck of the ship "Victoria" and it is this moment that the painter depicts.

The embodiment of the tragic moment is more than original - it is difficult for us to consider the admiral and other actors, the author deliberately made the figures of people very small, the main role he assigns to the epic of the moment.

Rising sails with smooth masts in the smoke covering the entire area from volley cannon guns are opposed to each other. Unusual light, grabbing the ships and chiaroscuro falling on the participants of the water battle, creates a mood. At first glance, the canvas becomes clear - this is not an easy battle, the death of the famous military commander of England, the reporting from the scene is not easy. Here is the story!

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