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Picture Blue horseman, Vasily Kandinsky

Picture Blue horseman, Vasily Kandinsky

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The Blue Horseman - Vasily Kandinsky. 55 x 65 cm

Reading the name of the painting, “The Blue Horseman”, lovers of the work of Vasily Kandinsky, first of all, will come to mind not this separately taken canvas, but the whole association founded by Kandinsky and Franz Mark, which bore the same name. Meanwhile, the work of Kandinsky wrote back in 1903, while the first exhibition of the society took place only in 1911.

How unlike the author’s picture is to the abstract, more famous Kandinsky works created after the period in Murnau (Bavaria)! This is not surprising, because the painter will break the connection with subject painting much later, and in the early 1900s Vasily Vasilyevich travels a lot in Europe and his style is still being formed.

During these years he is passionate about the landscape, as you can see thanks to this work. As the artist later admitted, the essence of his work in this period was reduced to unlimited love of nature.

Indeed, a rider in blue vestments occupies only a small space of the canvas, while a large area is entirely devoted to a green meadow, slender birches in autumn decoration and bright sunlight illuminating this seemingly accidentally snatched plot. The author filigree conveys his admiration for the outside world with the help of color spots, contrasting juxtaposing or layering them.

The man himself, riding on a horse, is also transmitted unusually - swift power, a rush, unrestrained energy carry a rider who is about to cross the picture horizontally.

The whole work is imbued with joy and delight, which is skillfully conveyed by the master by the power of the color palette. Soon, these color spots will gradually supersede the plot outline of Kandinsky’s works, becoming an independent semantic center, forming content, thereby opening up a completely new page in the history of world fine art.

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