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Portrait of V.E. Novosiltseva, Rokotov

Portrait of V.E. Novosiltseva, Rokotov

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Portrait of V. 70.5 x 59 cm

The portrait of the beauty is enclosed in a regular oval, which makes it possible to reliably attribute it to the 80s of the 18th century, when the master preferred to wrap his works in just such a form.

The painting depicts V. Novosiltseva, the daughter of a state adviser, an exquisite and sophisticated pupil of the Smolny Institute of Noble Maidens. She is captured on a dark background, so that her softly lit face simply glows with youth and beauty. The cool light emphasizes the lightness of silk and lace on the girl’s airy clothes, the grace of a blue satin bow and delicate skin with a faint blush.

The artist with tremendous skill conveys various textures - the sharp glossy shine of organza and silk, the soft velvety hair laid in a fluffy powdery hairstyle, the dullness of young skin, the vibrant glow of the eyes. A feature of the image is the workshop transfer of the girl’s personality. This is reflected in the features of her face, eyes, general expression, manner of holding with an emphasized straight back, but at the same time in a rather laid-back pose.

The noble color scheme and virtuoso execution technique make this portrait a true masterpiece of painting for all time.

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