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Evening in St. Petersburg, Vasily Ivanovich Surikov - description

Evening in St. Petersburg, Vasily Ivanovich Surikov - description

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Evening in St. Petersburg - Vasily Ivanovich Surikov. 13 x 22 cm

Light watercolor airiness of the picture perfectly matches the depicted time of day. Thanks to the writing technique, the shadows appear transparent, as it happens on cool evenings, and the contours of objects and the outlines of the figures appear softly blurry, somewhat shapeless, as if smoothed by a stream of cold, moist Petersburg air.

The volume and a special sensation of coolness are underlined by the faint, pale radiance of a dazzling white full moon and the piercing artificial light of lanterns along the avenue.

The bare trees and the contours of the buildings blurred in the shade are poorly readable in the background, standing out only with the recognizable outline of the massive dome with the turret of St. Isaac's Cathedral.

On a snowy road, a bay horse, harnessed to the light sled, briskly runs. A passenger sits in them, sheltered by a bear’s cavity, and the driver in a fitted caftan rules the sled. A young lady in a scarlet skirt glides along the wall, merging with her own transparent shadow.

But the part of the canvas closest to the viewer displays representatives of a completely different class - the worker. Simple people gathered near the counter with a burning pendant light - a janitor in a white apron, two unfortunate beggars and a beggar boy. Their figures are made in a slurred brownish-gray palette and clearly distanced from other representatives of the then society. Other characters of the picture are painted with brighter and fresher colors, located, as it were, on the other side of the street, away from commoners.

The transparency of the colors of the picture helps to convey the ringing purity, the depth of the cold winter air, the special colors of the evening and the brightness of the light - natural and artificial. This genre picture is like greetings from a life that has long disappeared in the stream of time, the memory of one person, captured by light watercolor strokes.

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