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“Alpine landscape with a shepherdess and goats”, Hans Dahl - description of the painting

“Alpine landscape with a shepherdess and goats”, Hans Dahl - description of the painting

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Alpine landscape with a cowgirl and goats - Hans Dahl.

This charming picture is one of many in a series of paintings by this master from faraway northern Norway, poetically describing the rural life of the country. Such canvases can be considered a kind of fairy tale, which has developed in the artist’s head, or rather, her ideal image in isolation from the usual socio-economic realities. At the same time, this is the appeal of Dahl’s paintings, and their special detachment from modernity. After all, if you look closely at the canvas, the viewer will not see anywhere will take a specific time - this is a temporary abstraction. Here no one will ever see the signs of modern civilization - such a picture is represented by the combination of “yesterday, today, tomorrow” of this country in one ideal image.

This alpine landscape is particularly endowed with signs of "timelessness." A very beautiful and colorful landscape with steep mountains and cliffs, a flowing silver snake in the distance by a river, and pretty, clean goats could exist both yesterday and two thousand years ago.

A villager with a rake on his shoulder is a character who repeatedly appears on the canvases of the master in an almost unchanged form. This young, beautiful girl has a bright national outfit that at the same time sets her apart from the landscape and makes her an organic part. The dominant color in it is scarlet - the color of fire and passion. Although only a girl’s vest, sewn for folk motives, is painted in such a rich color, and there is also a red border on the bottom of a dark, wide skirt, this shade seems to be very much. Here, the artist supported a warm saturated color scheme with a fiery orange apron on the girl, with barely noticeable patterns in a thin golden yellow strip across the apron.

Dahl is the undisputed master of color. His works perfectly combine intense, warm colors of greenery and clothes with diluted cool tones of the sky, mountains and water. In general, the picture seems to be literally flooded with warm sunlight, and leaves a very pleasant impression.

The canvas is striking in its detail. Thousands of landscape elements, the smallest cracks in the rocks and the finest blades of grass have been lovingly captured for centuries. Thanks to such elaboration, the picture seems lively, mobile, flowers and grass seem to oscillate under the influence of an invisible breeze. The canvas pleases with the depth and volume of the image, the picture can be viewed for hours, which, with the utmost simplicity and banality of the plot, is an undoubted achievement of the master.

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