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"Spring", Giuseppe Arcimboldo - description of the painting

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Spring - Giuseppe Arcimboldo.

The artist repeatedly returned to the theme of allegories of the seasons, so there are several options for images made in the same key and style. All of them have a pronounced similarity: the character consists entirely of many types of flowers, buds and leaves - from clothes, hairstyles and jewelry, to the face itself.

Spring hair is a flower, neatly selected and laid in a lush, but quite recognizable, characteristic for the era hairstyle. Completes her regal white lily - a symbol of purity and purity.

The face of Spring is made up of tiny white and pale pink flowers, and the blush on the cheeks is formed by lush, charming roses. The character's mouth is bright petals, its nose is a large, unopened bud of colored lily, and its ear is an exotic camellia glowing with scarlet flame. Even the earrings are depicted with a spectacular inverted fuchsia flower.

Dressed Spring in the fashion of the time. The sleek collar is “assembled” from small white flowers, and the outfit consists of many different leaves, wild strawberries and luxurious iris flowers. The painting was painted on a dark, saturated background, so that the flowers seem to glow, and the colors shimmer. The image is framed by an elegant flower garland.

Spring, 1563

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