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“The Cabbage Girl”, Nikolai Ivanovich Feshin - description of the painting

“The Cabbage Girl”, Nikolai Ivanovich Feshin - description of the painting

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Kapustnitsa - Nikolai Ivanovich Feshin. 219 x 344 cm

Feshin Nikolai Ivanovich, graduating in 1909 from the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, writes a thesis “Cabbage”.

It appeared for a reason, since childhood Nikolai loved to observe village life, folk customs, holidays. And the artist was seriously preparing for the thesis, traveled to the Nizhny Novgorod region, looked closely at interesting types, made sketches, sketches.

Already at first glance at the canvas you begin to anticipate some event. And, indeed, it is - this is the Orthodox holiday of the Exaltation, celebrated in autumn, on the last day of Indian summer.

People say that on the Exaltation of the cabbage - the first lady. Here it is, in the center of the canvas, white, crispy, with green patches of leaves. For the winter, you need to cook, salt and ferment cabbage, a nurse and a savior in the long Russian winter.

The crowd surrounding the "lady-cabbage" of peasants and women is lively and joyful. There are several reasons for this: difficult field work behind, harvested, Vozdvizhensky post ended. Now you can skip a shot of vodka, which is immediately delivered by one of the women - it is not customary to skimp on such a holiday. Nimble little boys are delighted with all this turmoil, they drag coats, choose cabbage seeds according to an old belief.

All cut, clean, shred, crumpled cabbage. The feeling of a common holiday. Here a woman in black leaned over the next head of cabbage, on the left a tall and large woman looked with approval at the laughing company depicted on the right side of the picture.

In the work “Kapustnitsa” Feshin’s extraordinary talent is shown in constructing the composition, in contrasting color spots with the general restraint of the palette.

The heroes of the plot are not idealized characters, each is written individually, with its own character. But all of them are united by a festive mood, the joy of joint useful work. What the author probably wanted to convey was to be able to find beauty in everyday things, and this should be learned from ordinary people.

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