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Portrait of Vari Adoratskaya, Feshin Nikolay - description

Portrait of Vari Adoratskaya, Feshin Nikolay - description

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Portrait of Varya Adoratskaya - Nikolai Ivanovich Feshin. 135 x 145 cm

Feshin Nikolai Ivanovich is a master of different directions in art - impressionism, modern, landscapes, sculpture, theatrical scenery, woodcarving, photography, but the main thing in his work was a portrait. During the life of Feshin, when he worked as a teacher at the Art School in Kazan, he painted many portraits of students and pupils, people close to him and relatives, friends and their children. Perhaps one of the most famous and best paintings is “Portrait of Variya Adoratskaya”.

The portrait is unusual, first of all, with its compositional construction, which was not accepted at that time by the arrangement of the model. It affects the influence of modernism - the center of the canvas is shifted to the left, where the main character is a girl - Varya.

The author seats the model quite original, on the table, among the scattered fruits, toys, dishes. Varenka immediately attracts her eyes - a little surprised, as if she had just been hailed, serious, and at the same time inquisitive, inquiring.

The whole picture gives a feeling of lightness and iridescent light, painted in light, soft, delicate pearl colors. The still life with a brilliant teapot and bright fruit spots arranged in the right part of the canvas gives it balance.

If you recall that the picture was painted in 1914, when the First World War was going on, thanks to the talent of the artist, it is especially acute that the girl herself and the objects surrounding her create a special children's, sheltered corner, an atmosphere of calm, warmth, harmony, coziness and soulfulness. As if there is no cruel world around, with its wars and sufferings.

Many draw a parallel between the work of Feshin and "Girls with Peaches" by Serov. But, rather, these works can be united only by a common idea - the hope for a bright and clean that gives us the world of childhood.

According to contemporaries, “Portrait of Varya Adoratskaya” is the most beautiful, powerful, fresh, executed with great skill, a masterpiece of painting by Nikolai Ivanovich Feshin.

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