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“Tear off the roses soon”, John William Waterhouse - description of the painting

“Tear off the roses soon”, John William Waterhouse - description of the painting

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Tear down the roses soon - John William Waterhouse. 101 x 82.5 cm

A wonderful art masterpiece was created by the English painter Waterhouse! The painting "Tear off the roses soon" is painted in the style of the Pre-Raphaelite, romanticism and symbolism. Her plot is a genre scene.

Two versions of a work of art written in 1908 and 1909 are known. The painting is dedicated to the transience of time, female beauty and the harmony of nature. Everything in the world is interconnected. Life is just a moment, and much needs to be accomplished in it: to find a profession, start a family, raise children and grandchildren, and still have a purpose in life. Deep philosophical meaning is embedded in the work. The artist was impressed by the poem dedicated to the virgins, skillfully created by the poet Robert Gerrich. Thanks to him, the delicate brush master created this magnificent canvas! How much poetry, beauty, charm!

Girls pluck roses, folding flowers in a bouquet. They merge with nature, which gives them their vitality. Young girls bloom and smell fragrant with her. They are full of youthful beauty, freshness, charm, tenderness, grace and divine purity. They play notes of carelessness. They are not burdened by anything yet.

The brush master encourages viewers to see joy in every moment, enjoy the minutes of youth, love, happiness, flowering. Such moments will never happen again! With age, a person grows old and withers, and then everything earthly turns to dust.

In the background of the picture is a river, symbolizing the course of life from its origins to trident. In the distance among the cedars, two more girls are visible. They are young, slim and graceful. One between the trees picks flowers, the other carries a bouquet in the apron. They are in a great mood, and all the best is yet to come! The picture is depicted in rainbow spring colors. The color of colors is bright and saturated with greenery. The artist used contrasts, pink tones and shades, smooth and soft strokes in his work. He idolized female beauty and conveyed it with the best colors!

A picturesque work of art gives light, goodness, love, harmony to the Universe. It is pleasant to contemplate and reflect on eternity. Artistic work energizes with auspicious energy, heals from anxiety and depression, normalizes the psycho-emotional background. It has so much warmth and joy that I want to be in a clearing with the girls and collect beautiful roses!

The picture will look great in the home interior of the living room and study. She is real inspiration and relaxation for the soul!

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