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"Siren", John William Waterhouse - description of the painting

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Siren - John William Waterhouse. 81 x 53 cm

Greatly and brilliantly wrote an artistic masterpiece John William Waterhouse! The painting "Siren" was created in the style of the Pre-Raphaelite. Its plot is a nude and mythological scene.

Working on the canvas, the artist imagined an interesting moment. He imagined the Sirens myth and spilled his original idea onto the canvas. The idea was a success! The painting depicts the sea maiden Siren and the sailor who survived the shipwreck. She is beautiful, beautiful and charming! Virgo sits naked on a rock, holding a harp in her hands. Her legs are covered with green algae. The beautiful woman looks at a man helplessly splashing in the water. Her gaze is cold and indifferent. The sailor clings to the rock with his hand, trying to get to land, but his strength is already running out. He is bewitched by her spells and unearthly singing. It remains to speculate about the development of further events, whether it will harm him or not.

The picture is painted in dark green colors. It symbolizes life and hope for salvation. The artist used bright colors, intriguing chiaroscuros, intermediate tones and shades, contrasts. A wonderful creation is filled with mysticism. Everything is fanned by secret and understatement. In the artwork there are elements of fantasy. John Waterhouse talentedly turned on all his imagination and imagination to capture this mysterious moment.

Sirens are beautiful and tricky creatures! They lure travelers to their island with a bewitching voice and songs, and then destroy them. The siren has always been considered a negative mythological character. These demonic creatures were predicted to die if one of the travelers passed their shelter and did not succumb to temptation. It was very difficult to resist them, they hypnotized people with their eyes. Behind them was notoriety. These seductive and treacherous Muses were the forerunners of the misfortunes of sailors.

The artist conveyed one of these scenes in the picture, but what will happen to the sinking sailor remains in the dark. He will be saved or doomed to perdition.

The picture carries interesting, fascinating impressions. She develops imagination, horizons, cognition; stimulates intellectual abilities; contributes to calm thinking.

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