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The Great Fiord, Eulert Adelsten Norman - description of the painting

The Great Fiord, Eulert Adelsten Norman - description of the painting

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The Great Fiord - Eulert Adelsten Norman.

From geography it is known that the Sogne Fjord is one of the largest fjords in the world, but it is also the most picturesque. He often spends summer days in his Norwegian villa, built near this magnificent place, and his collection is replenished daily with more and more new landscapes.

In the painting “Big Fiord” the artist paints a fjord in the warm season. The foothills and the coast are covered with juicy greenery, the houses on the left side of the canvas are completely reflected in the clean mirror surface of the bay, white seagulls circle above the water, hunting for fish. Peace and tranquility reigns in the soul of the viewer contemplating this landscape.

The smoking and buzzing steamer located in the center of the composition does not spoil it at all, it is a noisy symbol of 19th century technological progress. On the contrary, the author emphasizes that man is part of this nature and he has the right to his place in this beautiful world.

And, of course, that which Norman is always especially attractive in Adelsten’s works is naturalism in the image of the surrounding landscape. The height of crowded and bulky gray rocks along a narrow bay is striking. The sky-high peaks of centuries-old mountains are covered with snow, which melts under the sun, in some places it flows in a transparent tear. These small and funny mountain streams fall down, violating the expanse of water. The blue of the sky impresses with its transparency and precisely conveyed shade, inherent in exactly the northern places. Clouds flowing from a heavenly distance of a bizarre shape seem to blur the teeth of the mountains on the horizon, but in the foreground, clinging to the top of the rock, they accumulate around it with a snow-white, as if a cotton cloud.

The whole picture is full of admiration for the amazingly beautiful nature of the northern country and its harmony with man.

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