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“Sorceress-winter”, Konstantin Fedorovich Yuon - description of the painting

“Sorceress-winter”, Konstantin Fedorovich Yuon - description of the painting

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Konstantin Fedorovich Yuon - Sorceress-winter. 105 x 160.5 cm

This picture refers to the period of the artist’s work, when he was most attracted to everything Russian, in particular, the nature characteristic of the Moscow Region and Central Russia. This canvas has an original feature - it is written from a very interesting angle, as if from a height.

Due to the fact that the artist is located above the depicted area, a broad perspective opens up, allowing you to cover a considerable territory with many people and animals moving along it. This gives the cold winter landscape dynamics and a certain liveliness, makes it more interesting for the viewer, increases the number of objects for viewing.

From afar, you might think that on the canvas there is a scattering of colored dots on a common faded bluish-white background. But this is only a first impression. As you get closer, it becomes noticeable that each “point” in the landscape lives its own life.

A fascinating picture of village life in winter unfolds before the eyes of the viewer. In the center of the picture there are gleams between low hills, on the upper parts of which are simple wooden houses. At the very bottom of the frost, a small village pond lined with trees was ice-bound. Local kids frolic on it. They enjoy rolling along its surface, and the onlookers standing around watching them.

Narrow paths trodden in the snow are people going about their business, horses pulling a sled with cargo and riders. In the background, near the houses, horses frolic, rejoicing in freedom, and the riders move in the snow with a measured, calm step.

There are no pronounced shadows on the canvas, because the sun is hidden in a light haze. The trees are covered with fluffy snow, and only the far spruce and pine trees are darker, color-saturated spots against the background of pale winter colors.

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