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“Saint Jerome in the cell”, Quentin Massey - description of the painting

“Saint Jerome in the cell”, Quentin Massey - description of the painting

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Saint Jerome in the cell - Quentin Massey. 57 x 77 cm

A composition on a religious theme was written in 1529. Quentin Masseys worked on the art masterpiece diligently and painstakingly, trying to convey to the viewer the life of the Dutch monks. The ordinary life in a simple monastery is shown by a prayer plot.

Jerome is busy in his cell reading prayers. His portrait is extraordinary! Everything is filled with brightness, expressiveness, a sense of harmony and style. From childhood, the artist visited churches, monasteries and was inspired by their divine, calm atmosphere. He wrote a lot for church institutions, using interesting religious subjects.

Saint Jerome reads a prayer at the altar. He is dressed in luxurious red church vestments. His thoughts are full of piety and thoughts about the eternity of earthly being. The old man pressed one hand to his heart, the other holds a skull, reminiscent of the transience of human life, and that everything in the world ... perishable.

His wise glance expresses gratitude to the Lord for life on Earth. Jerome is old. He has a wide open forehead, deep eyes, gray eyebrows and hair, a white beard, sunken cheeks and a wrinkled face. He prays with all his heart.

The room is simple and normal. On the shelves of the book, an old candle, a men's hat with red garters. The atmosphere is conducive to prayer privacy.

The master of the brush used bright colors in light gray tones. The life of the holy hermit was filled with religious experiences. He was an excellent teacher, translator, philosopher, theologian, writer, and was a priest. Jerome in his youth traveled to the Holy Land, lived in the desert, led a severe ascetic lifestyle. In recent years, the holy elder lived in a monastery, devoting himself to the service of the Lord Christ. At such a moment, a gifted artist captured it on canvas.

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