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"Roses and orchids", Mikhail Alexandrovich Vrubel - description of the painting

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Roses and orchids - Mikhail Alexandrovich Vrubel. Diameter 135 cm (circle)

The paintings were not the only hobby of Mikhail Alexandrovich Vrubel, he created magnificent sculptures, stained-glass windows, monumental panels. Taking part in the interior design, he writes a delightful triptych “Flowers” ​​for painting the ceiling in the mansion of E. D. Dunker. Before us is the left, round part of the ceiling, named by him “Roses and Orchids”, although instead of orchids the painter draws lilies.

In the background of the picture is a pre-storm turquoise-blue sky, which is gradually covered by swirling silver-gray clouds. Thanks to this background, it seems that every flower in the bouquet shines with a cool pearl light. Soft, pastel shades of pale lilac, light pink, creamy cream roses harmoniously resonate with each other. Dark olive and blue-green leaves emphasize the fragile beauty of flowers. Gorgeous snow-white lilies rise proudly above them, elegant stamens slightly tremble in the air. Flowers on the canvas are incredibly real, vibrant.

The sun's rays are crushed on thin elastic petals, and the master conveys the play of shadows and light in his favorite technique: clear lines, severity and graphic lines. The artist smears, as if composing a picture of precious stones.

And, of course, another alarming note inherent in Vrubel - next to the romantic, delicate flowers in the bouquet there are two dark purple, almost black roses. Beautiful and perfect, they remind us of the other, sad side of life.

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