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Museums in Norway: Vikings, nature, modern masterpieces

Museums in Norway: Vikings, nature, modern masterpieces

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Norway is a special country and in many ways unique. An interesting and ambiguous story, amazing nature, unique aesthetics and a view of the world. Museums in this country are very modern and well equipped. All institutions of this kind can be divided into several groups, in each of which you can find something unique anywhere in the world.

Historical Museums in Norway

Vikings - these are real Norwegians. There are several museums dedicated to the history of these brave travelers. They are located both in the capital and far beyond its borders. It is these institutions that the people of Norway themselves love, rightly proud of their ambiguous ancestors, plowing the seas and oceans in the Middle Ages.

Historical museums include those dedicated to the great cultural figures of this country. Grieg, Amundsen, Ibsen, Bull - the richest collections are devoted to each of them.

In each small town you can find a local history museum, small in area and number of exhibits, but storing artifacts that many metropolitan collections would envy.

Natural Museums

No one will object that it is Norwegian nature that is worthy of museums! Here you can find the Forest Museum, Glacier Museum, Zoological Museum. The exposition of these institutions is composed competently and non-standard, a visit will leave only pleasant memories.

Art collections

Fans of art antiquities should look for another place to visit. But if you are a fan of avant-garde, modern trends in art, then you are in Norway. Munch alone is worth it! And there are many like Munch in Norway, so the collections of modern art museums are the richest in Northern Europe.

Unique museums in Norway

It is not worth telling anything special, you just need to hear the names of these establishments so that the desire to visit them arises immediately: the Ski Museum, the Museum of canned food, the Museum of salt cod, the Whaling Museum. And this is not a complete list of unique museum collections in Norway.

Museum diversity in Norway can surprise even the most experienced and knowledgeable. The country of trolls and oil holds countless treasures that await spectators all year round.

Kon Tiki Museum: The Story of a Great Traveler

Heyerdahl tour knows the whole world. Norwegians are famous for their travelers, but they are most proud of Tours. An enthusiastic and sociable person managed to gather around himself a large group of bright personalities in order to make a number of trips that turned over not only geographical ideas about the world, but also history itself.

Ibsen Museum in Oslo: hats, glasses and dramaturgy

This young, but refined and very creative museum is located next to the royal palace in the heart of the Norwegian capital. The history of the creation of the museum is interesting. It took the Norwegians a hundred years to open the memorial house-museum of their most famous writer.

Oslo History Museum: Ancient History, Numismatics and Ethnography

In fact, in this one museum three museum collections are united at once. The four-story building, in which the institution is located, which allows you to fully and clearly familiarize yourself with the history of Norway for several thousand years, is recognized as one of the most visited objects in Oslo.

Akershus Fortress: Citadel of Norway

For more than seven hundred years this citadel defended the capital of the country of trolls from invaders. She didn’t always defend successfully, but she gave up without a fight only once, when the Nazis captured Norway and the king left the country with the government.

Fram Museum: Nansen, Amundsen and Sverdrup Ship

According to the tradition that developed at the dawn of European civilization, it was the Norwegians who were those brave travelers who could not sit still. It is worth recalling Eric the Red and his son Leif Ericsson, who discovered America 400 years before the glorious Columbus. The tradition of discovering new lands has survived to our time. Who does not know Thor Heyerdahl, whose turbulent nature led to numerous discoveries and impressive expeditions.

4000 years of skiing: the most unusual museum in Oslo

It will soon be one hundred years since the day the Oslo Ski Museum opened. It is logical that such an institution appeared in the capital of Norway. It is simply impossible to imagine a Norwegian who would not have a pair of his own skis. In winter, especially during the Christmas holidays, the whole country, as if on command, becomes its national mode of transport and runs, rides, descends ...

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