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All museums in new york - These are really amazing places that deserve special attention of every art lover. And if you want to visit all of them, then you will need a lot of time. You will need 3-4 hours for each museum, so you need to plan ahead in advance.

A very noteworthy factor is the price of visiting New York museums: basically it is not limited, but more often recommended, and all visitors are notified by a sign at the entrance. This payment system is designed for the museum visitor to give the amount of money that he considers necessary, up to one dollar. Of course, some of them pay entrance fees as their main source of profit, so if you pay the recommended price for a ticket, then you make a real contribution to the development of the museum.

For example, the Metropolitan Museum of Art has collected millions of creations that have been created over many thousands of years, and the cost of a ticket in it is also measured on the basis of the recommended price for a visit. This museum is called the favorite of all tourists, because it is on the list of the most populated and largest museums in the world.

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